This Can’t Be Right 6

If I’m reading this correctly, the Baltimore Orioles have the second best record in the majors? And the WHITE SOX have the best one?!

What the fucking fuck is going on with baseball this year?

6 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Right

  1. Reply Jack May 9,2005 4:10 am

    it’s called the month of april…

  2. Reply Nate May 9,2005 6:28 am

    Fuck yes, the WHITE SOX have the best record in baseball! Believe it, biotches!!!!

    Also, it will evaporate after the All-Star break and there will be yet another white-flag trade. Just sayin’, its happened before…

  3. Reply Ellen May 9,2005 7:52 am

    Oh, the O’s will crater in July too. If they’ve still got a winning record in August, I’ll be stunned.

  4. Reply Mark May 9,2005 1:52 pm

    Let’s GoNads! Let’s GoNads! Expos rule!!!

  5. Reply Ellen May 10,2005 7:55 am

    No way, man! Aberdeen rules!

  6. Reply TRoyal May 10,2005 12:27 pm

    To hell with you all. The Montgomery Biscuits are kicking ass.

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