Things You Do Not Want To Hear From Your Doctor

A couple fun scenes from my visit to the orthopedist this morning:

As I limp my way into the exam room from the waiting room:

Doctor: (surprised) You’re limping!
Me: Yeah, I sprained my ankle. I thought you’d heard.

Later, during the exam:

Doctor: I’m not pleased with how slowly this is progressing.
Me: Well, neither am I, but…uh, aren’t you supposed to help with that?

Bottom line: If it’s not substantially better in 2 weeks, I have to have an MRI. He wanted to do one today, but my assurances that despite how slowly it’s getting better, it is, in fact, improving, managed to allay it for 2 weeks.

However, the subtext of his concern is is that if it gets to the point where I need an MRI, I probably have some serious tendon damage.


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