The Summer Of Irresponsible Youth

I’ve been making big plans for the summer for a while now, and while some of you know about it, some don’t, so I figured I’d fill everyone in.

The day after taping finishes, I’m getting on a plane to New York, where I will meet up with Mark. Four weeks from yesterday, we’ll both get on a plane to London, England.

We’re going to spend five weeks bumming around the Eurail system, eating mild-to-moderately sketchy food, staying in hostels, drinking awesome beer, and burning through money like nobody’s business.

There’s a lot we’re doing, a lot we have to figure out, and a lot we’re going to bitch over whether we should do it or not. But it’s going to be one hell of a trip.

You may ask the obvious questions: Why this? Why now?

Mark’s theory seems to be (and he can correct me if I’m wrong) that he’ll be in debt up to his eyeballs from law school anyway, and at least some small portion of that debt should be from doing something awesome.

Also, he’s said he always wanted to do the whole bum-around-Europe thing. I have to second that. Every trip I’ve ever gone on has been organized by others. This one, we’ll actually be able to (*gasp*) decide what we want to do.

My main reasoning for doing this is that I’m supposed to be young and irresponsible, and thus I should act like it once in a while.

Plus, my job is the only thing tying me down right now, and it’s decided to give me 10 weeks off (albeit unpaid) this summer.

I’ve got money I’ve been saving for something that’ll never happen, so why should I just let it sit in the bank, all cold and dark? This is an opporunity that can’t be wasted.

So yeah, if anyone knows somebody who likes cats and is looking for a sublet in LA from late May to mid-July (I’m also going to the East Coast for a week after we get back), please do tell them to contact me.

And if anyone’s got any suggestions on things we should do (or avoid), please let me know, I’ll give you more details about our plans and we can discuss.

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