The Man With No Concept Of Irony

Driving around the other day, I pulled up behind a truck that was festooned with pro-Bush and other conservative wingnut bumper stickers (“I tried to see a liberal’s point of view, but I couldn’t get my head that far up my rectum”).

There were a couple of more unusual ones, like the “Bush 2004/Condi 2008” one, but there was one on there that convinced me that this was the elusive Man With No Concept of Irony.

It said “I (heart) Halliburton,” and, judging by how faded it was, it appeared to have been on there for months.

A bumper sticker that was made with nothing but ironic purpose, displayed in entirely unironic fashion.

It was so asinine, I almost wanted to applaud him for making wingnutty conservatives look even crazier. Because that takes some serious effort.

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