The Last Cliché of 2007

A few New Year’s Resolutions, because if I post them somewhere, maybe I’ll actually live up to them:

1. Continue to lose weight. Have lost: 33 lbs (net; had lost 35 but gained back 2 lbs stuffing my face with Waffle House and other assorted goodies over the holidays). To lose: 47 lbs. Mark my words, it will be done by the end of 2008.

2. Relegate Mr. Cranky Ankle to his former status as My Left Ankle. I’ve been sick of this shit long enough, this is the year that my weight loss and continued diligence with my foot exercises finally pays off.

3. Get a good job. Getting a job is part one of this, since I kind of need to, you know, eat. But I want to get another job that I’ll be proud of, and not simply something that will get me through the duration of the strike.

4. Record songs I’ve written since last album. Once upon a time, I was a songwriter, and a half-decent one at that. Maybe I should at least put some tracks down to see if I can turn them into anything good.

5. Get out of the goddamn house. Between the entire Foot Fiasco of ’07 that prevented me from leaving the house for 2 months, and the ongoing foot issues that left me extremely reluctant to for most of the rest of the year because of the pain, I feel like I’ve turned into a complete hermit/crazy cat lady. I promise that, once I have a job to pay for it, I am going to go out and be a social person, dammit! Just as soon as I finish this disc of Battlestar Galactica that just came in from Netflix…

6. Finish Redesigning my website. Not the blog, this is certainly sufficient for me at the moment (who knows what I’ll think if I can’t find a job for a couple of months and get REALLY bored). But as several people have pointed out to me, the main site could use a little update. Probably best to try and make it less than five years old.

And those are really the major ones. I considered adding in “get a girlfriend,” as I suspect several people are awfully tired of hearing me whine about not having one, but I fear if I officially add it to the list, I’ll just jinx myself, and I’ve had enough bad luck in that department as is.

Anyway, Happy 2008! Enjoy yourselves, and for the love of god, don’t drink and drive. Unless you’re just drinking water. Then, I think you’re okay.

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