The Good Kind Of Sick

Remember how I was bitching about being really sick when I was in Kansas City? Turns out that could have been a good thing.

Someone brought their child, who had a lovely stomach virus, to the Bat Mitzvah, and subsequently almost everyone else who attended it has come down with the same virus.

My dad, my stepmom, all my stepsiblings, most of their kids and spouses, and any number of the other guests, all with a very, very nasty stomach virus that leaves its host with no energy, severe nausea and digestive issues, and no respite.

Me? I’m fine. Still fighting off the last of the cold, but eating fine and with no digestive issues and never a hint of nausea.

The going theory is that the antibodies that were attacking my cold virus came and kicked the crap out of the stomach bug before it had a chance to do anything.

It’s a damn good thing I was sick, or I really could have gotten sick.

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