The Battle Royale Begins 3

Today marks the end of my Sprint contract, and the beginning of a technological battle royale. Let’s meet the contestants!


The Blackberry 8703e, better known as the Crackberry. A practically indestructible phone on a shittastic network. A phone that I’ve dropped on concrete or asphalt so many times I’ve lost count.

But it’s started to act up. It’s starting to refuse to come off roaming. It’s starting to send calls straight to voicemail. I don’t know how much of it is Sprint’s asstacular network and how much is the Crackberry itself.

And it’s also starting to get old. It strains and buckles under the weight of simply trying to load Facebook’s mobile site. It freezes up when I’m trying to switch between applications.

It’s only a matter of time.



The iPod 5g. Replacement for the first iPod I ever got, a purchase that changed my life because I could carry all my music around without throwing out my back.

This one had enough space (80gb) to let me get some Podcasts going, and I’ve gotten addicted to the point that I’m now a month behind in 2 of my main ones (BBC Global News and This American Life).

It seems to be rolling along just fine. It seems to be handling its daily trips around the universe in my pocket just fine. But the last one seemed to be doing that until one day the line-out just up and died on me.

Will the hard drive hold out? Will the line-out survive? Will I accidentally drop it in a giant puddle of water? Only time will tell.

And finally, we have….


…my complete lack of fiscal restraint when it comes to purchasing shiny electronic things.

Particularly after spending an hour playing with my friend Dan’s iPhone this past weekend, I want one. Like, NOW.

My utter hatred of AT&T stopped me from switching when it first came out, but I’ve gotten to the point with Sprint that I’m pretty much ready to tell them to fuck themselves, and at least have some NEW asshattery to deal with.

Part of what’s keeping me from buying one is the extent to which I am fiscally screwed after the last year: $2k to join the union, $4500 on COBRA, PLUS a delightful four months of unemployment have left me damn near tapped out.

But once I’m done with COBRA as of the first of the year, and once they inevitably release the 32GB iPhone that would let me take my main playlist (which by itself is 12GB), my Podcasts, and some videos with me…I don’t know how long I’m going to last.

The battle begins today, and ends when one of the three above breaks. Place your bets on when I’ll crack in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The Battle Royale Begins

  1. Reply km Nov 15,2008 10:21 pm

    I LOLed at some of this. Just saying :)

  2. Reply TRoyal Nov 16,2008 8:29 am

    The picture of you looking absolutely overwhlmed is awesome. Lawlz, I say.

    And you can jailbreak the iPizzle to work with whatever carrier isn’t shitty in the LA area. Apparently it’s hot to get T-Mobile here. And you know all about the refurb iPods; I haven’t bought a new one yet, and I’m on iPod number 8. Let’s hear it for warranties!

    As for when? No idea. But if you want it bad enough, you’ll save enough, and then you’ll have shiny new awesome. Just get a case for it.

  3. Reply Ellen Nov 16,2008 12:13 pm

    Well, the unlocking is apparently only possible on the first-gen iPhones. You can still jailbreak the software, but the carrier unlock is apparently a lot harder on the 3G’s.

    They’re getting close to cracking the baseband to be able to unlock it, but frankly T-Mo’s not much better here than AT&T.

    Also, the affordability issue isn’t the upfront payment – I could easily rework my budget to drop that $299 – but the fact that the monthly is going to be at least $30 over what I’m paying now since I’ve been on Sprint so long and have a dirt cheap plan.

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