The Axe Swings Backward 2

Well, at least the uncertainty is pretty much gone: If the strike’s not settled by the end of next week, then next Friday’s my last day.

At least I got the courtesy of a warning so I can get my shit together both physically and financially, unlike the last time I got canned.

It sucks, but I’m getting paid for two more weeks than the entire crew and most of the production office, so I’m still in a better position than most.

And now, to try and trim the nonexistent fat out of my budget…

2 thoughts on “The Axe Swings Backward

  1. Reply Rebecca Dec 5,2007 8:54 pm

    At least you get the satisfaction of someone actually telling you you’re out of work. I get to listen daily to absolutely nothing on the casting hotlines.

    And Les Moonves just gave a statement saying essentially they don’t agree on stuff. Yay.

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