Thawed 2

I’m home. God DAMN I picked the wrong weekend, temperature-wise, to go to Chicago. Actual sampling of dialogue on my flight in Saturday morning:

Pilot: Folks, this is your captain speaking. We’ll be landing in Chicago in about 20 minutes. The current outside temperature in Chicago is (dramatic pause) ZERO.
Entire Plane Full of Angelenos: *”I didn’t want to know that” groan*

But other than the fact that I couldn’t feel my extremeties for most of the weekend and thus ended up blowing a lot more money on cabs than I should have, it was great fun.

I’d give a full rundown, but it was basically: Land, ice skate (seriously), eat, drink, sleep, eat, eat, drink, sleep, eat, eat, leave. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary, but highly entertaining nonetheless.

It was great seeing those of you who I got a chance to see. The rest of you are on my Official Colbert Report “Dead To Me” list.

Thanks for a fun weekend!

2 thoughts on “Thawed

  1. Reply Laz Feb 22,2006 4:37 am

    Hey man, some of us have stupid jobs and work on the weekends and spend 14 hours in Central Bumblefuck, Ind. on Saturdays!

    So you’re On Notice for improper list-making practices!

  2. Reply Ellen Feb 22,2006 6:30 am

    I can’t hear you. You’re dead to me. :)

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