Thanks, Technology! 3

I love it when my computer chooses one of the busiest weekends of the year to crash rather spectacularly, necessitating at the least a trip to the “Genius” Bar at the Apple store, and given what it’s doing and what it hasn’t responded to, rather likely a wipe and restore of the hard drive.

God bless the Crackberry (from which I am posting this), Super Duper (the auto-backup software I run twice a week), and the old-ass PC that’s been gathering dust in my living room (from which I was able to schedule an appointment with the Apple store).

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Technology!

  1. Reply Laz Apr 22,2007 9:56 pm

    See? PC > Mac. Hell, smart phone > Mac.

  2. Reply Ellen Apr 23,2007 2:51 am

    Heh, nice try. Working Mac >> PC.

  3. Reply TRoyal May 4,2007 3:59 am

    Laz = pwn3d.

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