Tales From Hollywood 3

I went in for a job interview at a TV show this morning. This may or may not have been a wise idea, given how sick I’ve been and that I’m still only about 60% of normal.

However, my internal debate about the wisdom of that move was halted at about 3pm when I recieved a phone call.

“Hey, so, we wanted to thank you for coming in, but unfortunately, we just got the word we’ve been cancelled, so there is no job. Sorry!”


Edited to add: Yep, here’s the official word. Sucks for the poor girl who had to call me, since she’s now also out of a job.

3 thoughts on “Tales From Hollywood

  1. Reply mrs. e. Sep 23,2005 4:28 pm

    hey, at least you got a phone call. it still sucks, though.

  2. Reply Mark Sep 24,2005 12:49 am

    That’s cruel to you. I’ll just never get hollywood.

  3. Reply Jon Sep 27,2005 2:44 am

    yeah, bummer. sorry.

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