Sweet Sounds 2

Hear that? It’s the gentle sound of a clock (that’s still an hour behind because I never changed it to reflect the end of Daylight Savings time) ticking.


My asshat neighbors really did it last night, and I think they’ve gotten new speakers. Their music has grown considerably louder, as if they’re telling the whole neighborhood, “Hey! We got new speakers! Look how loud we have to be!”

They began by cranking reggae at precisely 4:20am, followed by the predictable smell of weed wafting up towards my apartment. They might as well have hung out a sign that said “Arrest us!”

I’ve come close to calling the cops on these guys several times this week (and did once a few months ago), but now they tend to only blast their music for about 10-15 minute increments.

Just long enough to annoy the shit out of me and the rest of the building, but turned down fast enough to tell any potential visitors from law enforcement, “What? This is how loud it’s been all night.”

I was still awake and watching TV at 4:20 last night, so I was merely annoyed by that one (although the smoke did give me mild munchies). They turned it down somewhat, to a level that didn’t shake my floor, and I went to bed.

So of course, at 6am, right as my eyes are closing after about an hour of trying to fall asleep comes a blasting rendition of Coldplay’s “Everything’s Not Lost.”

The hook starts very suddenly, and I just about hit the ceiling when I heard it. The sudden loud music and high pitch of the hook scared the living shit out of me. I thought for two seconds it was a fire alarm.

The absolute fucking worst is when someone takes a song you like and uses it against you.

I was sitting there, in bed, dead tired from being up until this ridiculous hour, but still singing along, despite how pissed off I was. I was also debating what I could use in my apartment to beat the shit out of my neighbors, or at least their speakers.

Finally, when the song ended, they turned it back down, and I fell blissfully back asleep until they started blasting Linkin Park at 2pm.

But now? Haha, now, for the first time in over a week…silence. I actually heard my refrigerator kick on. And I know exactly how I’m going to savor this silence.

By going to bed before 4am.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sounds

  1. Reply Nate Pence Jun 24,2004 4:36 pm

    You should go scream at them when they do that. Unless someone says something they’re never gonna know they’re disturbing other people. Either that or call the cops.

  2. Reply Ellen Jun 25,2004 4:29 am

    Believe me, I’ve asked them not to do it before, and you can see how effective that was, since I’m still bitching about it. Next time they’re cranking past midnight, cops are getting called.

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