Superhero Lamp

My current Crackberry doesn’t have a camera, and there are definitely times like tonight where I wish it had one.

I went to visit Chaplin in the animal hospital (hopefully I can take him home tomorrow but they want to keep him under observation for another night) and they had finally taken out the tube that had been running into his bladder for the last couple weeks.

They had repeatedly tried to bandage him up to protect the area of his stomach the tube had been coming out of, but he’d kept kicking the bandages off…except for this last one they put on him.

It’s a big neon green bandage wrapped around his midsection, complete with a powder blue bandage that someone cut out in the shape of a “C” and stuck on his back. Apparently the second that one went on, he decided that the bandage was okay.

I was describing this look, along with his ridiculous satellite dish collar, to Joel and he immediately replied, “So he looks like a superhero lamp.”

A superhero lamp with a very goofy haircut, but yes. Superhero lamp.

If they leave the bandage on when I go to get him tomorrow, I’ll try to get some pictures.

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