Super Duper Bowl 1

Now THAT was a great Super Bowl. Probably one of the few I’ve really gotten emotionally involved in since the last time the ‘Skins won, and that was a looooong time ago.

But how could you not? After Eli Manning somehow managed to escape a tackle, put up a huge throw, and then have David Tyree catch the ball against his helmet, with a guy trying to wrench it from him with all his might.

That single play was, to my recollection, the craziest football play I’ve ever seen, even crazier than when Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl with a fucking Statue of Liberty play a couple years ago.

To turn around from looking like you’re completely fucked, making that play, and then Plaxico Burress absolutely blowing away the defender for the TD on the next one, you had to love the Giants.

The people who came to my house to watch the game started out, by and large, not particularly caring who won. A few wanted to see the Pats lose, just to fuck with their perfect season, but there wasn’t a lot of emotion.

But as the seconds ticked off while Tom Brady repeatedly launched the ball down the field, everyone was rooting hard-core for the Giants. We were all on the edge of our seats, then we celebrated as if we had been rooting for them for years.

That’s why I love sports: When you see such incredible feats and get completely caught up in the emotion, there’s nothing better. Even if you didn’t start out rooting for someone, great games and great players and especially great plays will make you care.

Really, really fantastic game.

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  1. Reply Laz Feb 4,2008 8:14 pm

    Eh, it was OK. :)

    When we’re winning over Skins fans, you know it must be good. Or the Patriots are just that hateable.

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