Stupid Politicians = Entertainment For All 1

Today’s installment of Man, Politicians Can Be Awfully Fucking Dumb comes from Richmond, VA:

RICHMOND, Jan. 26 — Del. John S. “Jack” Reid had gone through this morning routine dozens of times. He’d reach into his pocket, pull out his small semiautomatic .380 handgun, release the clip and store the weapon safely in the desk drawer of his office on the seventh floor of the Virginia General Assembly Building.

But something went wrong Thursday. Reid’s pistol, which he said he carries for protection, fired as he popped the clip from the handle, sending a single bullet into the cushion of a bulletproof vest that was hanging from the back of his closed office door.

No one was injured, although Reid said he suffered a laceration on his hand from the friction of the gun’s slide snapping back.

Nice work there, Yosemite Sam. Next time, try putting the safety on before you pop the clip, moron.

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  1. Reply DaveW Jan 29,2006 8:39 am

    To be fair, he does have to live in Richmond.

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