Stop Me, Before I Subscribe Again! 1

So I was cleaning this weekend, and I got all my magazines sorted into stacks. And even though I’ve been plowing through them at the gym, the stacks were still huge.

Just today, I finished August’s Sports Illustrateds…August of 2005. I’m a year behind in Entertainment Weekly, a year and two months in Newsweek.

I did the math, and when I get to a point that I am a year behind in all three, it will take me four and a half months (assuming I go at my current rate of 3 per gym visit 3x weekly) to get through that year. And then I’ll still be four and a half months behind!

And you know what I did last year? Renewed all three magazines.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

One comment on “Stop Me, Before I Subscribe Again!

  1. Reply Mark Mar 2,2007 3:08 pm

    In j-school, I learned that there is nothing older than yesterday’s newspaper.

    So, I’d just cut my losses and start from stracth on some of these. I can see reading the entire back history of Newsweek (and maybe Entertainment Weekly, since you are into that). But Sports Illustrated? I keep wondering if I have a lobotomy every time I renew, because the magazine blows. But there is no reason to be reading issues from 16 months ago, especially when you know the outcome of the sporting event already. Surprise! Their 2006 baseball preview was way off: The Tigers did OK.

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