Spam Moves To The Phone

You know, there are telemarketer messages on your phone, and then there’s the message I got when I came home.

It began in the guise of someone who was leaving a message for a friend at the wrong number. Never mind that both my name and my phone number are clearly spoken on my outgoing message.

Person A, who we’ll call Alice, was calling person B, who we’ll call Bob, after allegedly dropping person C, who we’ll call Charlie, off at the airport (I can’t remember the names they actually used and I deleted the message already).

The message went something like, “Bob, this is Alice. Listen, I just dropped Charlie off at the airport, and remember how he was telling us about those stocks? Well, here’s the names so you can do more research (names several stocks)…”

The idea of the message is to clearly get you thinking that you’ve stumbled upon some stock tip. I can’t remember who it was (Laz? Cooper?) but I’m not the first person I know to get this type of message.

This is what I think verges from annoying to officially spam. They don’t just call and try to sell you something, but they want to make you think you’re discovering something from this.

It’s dishonest, and just slick enough to get a few people to fall for it, and it’s annoying as fuck. Get it off my phone!

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