Space Cases 2

Reading Fark today, I ran across one of the odder, more disturbing things I’ve read in a while.

They linked to some Smoking Gun pages about potential Apollo disasters, and the memos suggesting presidential comments at the time.

The whole thing is just bizarre, but I think the weirdest section is a fill-in-the-blank condolence, where even the names of the president and first lady are left blank.

They’re lucky as hell they never had to use these creepy, creepy documents.

2 thoughts on “Space Cases

  1. Reply Laz Aug 9,2005 4:34 am

    They’ve filled in the blanks twice – Apollo 1 and Columbia.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 9,2005 7:11 am

    Well, not for that specific statement. That statement appears to have been drafted after Apollo started flying (i.e. after Apollo 1) and obviously long before the shuttle.

    But I know what you mean.

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