Son Of A…. 8

I’m going to Chicago next weekend, so I made the mistake of looking at the 10-day forecast so I could see exactly how cold it would be when I got there:

I am fucked.

8 thoughts on “Son Of A….

  1. Reply mrs. e. Feb 13,2006 1:13 pm

    well, at least it’ll be above zero. maybe. :-)

  2. Reply TRoyal Feb 13,2006 1:32 pm

    The best thing about this weather is that 10 day forecasts are useless. Hell, it could be 60 by the time you touch down.

  3. Reply km Feb 13,2006 2:22 pm

    yeah, i pulled up the 10 day and it doesn’t ever say this cold!

  4. Reply Cameron Feb 13,2006 4:11 pm

    look on the bright side: “Cloudy” might mean that it could snow, which in Chicago means it’ll get WARMER!

  5. Reply Ellen Feb 14,2006 4:01 am

    It now says high 17, low 10, possible snow showers. I’m sure it’ll go up and down about 10 more times in the next 5 days.

  6. Reply Mark Feb 14,2006 2:48 pm

    It’s 45 degrees today.

  7. Reply Laz Feb 14,2006 7:12 pm

    Bring on the teens! Enough of this balmy 30s and 40s bullshit!

  8. Reply Tim Feb 14,2006 7:33 pm

    They say it’s 49 degrees, but I’m not having it – it’s gorgeous and springlike and I was out at lunch without a jacket.

    Don’t worry, though, I’m sure it’ll be nice and Chicago-ey by the time you arrive.

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