Small Favor 5

Could all straight women please stop calling their straight female friends their “girlfriends”?

Really, for lesbians with extraordinarily poor gaydar (like…well, me), this can get terribly confusing and occasionally very disappointing.

For the sake of clarity, I’d really appreciate it if we all just stuck with “friends” for people we’re not sleeping with, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation.

Thank you, that’s all.

5 thoughts on “Small Favor

  1. Reply Cleo Sep 18,2004 1:51 pm

    Sorry, girlfriend, this just isn’t gonna happen.

    It’s time for you to recalibrate your gaydar.

  2. Reply Ellen Sep 18,2004 9:13 pm

    Believe me, I’d love to. But I can’t find a repair shop that does it.

  3. Reply Casey Sep 18,2004 10:11 pm

    I’d like to extend the “girlfriend” ban to gay men, many of whom are under the unfortunate delusion that they are strong black women. Some of my gays out here refer to one another using exclusively female pronouns, making many of their stories incredibly hard to follow. So drop the she-bonics, boys.

  4. Reply Laz Sep 19,2004 7:33 am

    I never understood this. One of my (ex) co-workers refers to his eight-year-old daughter and says “her girlfriends…” What the hell? They’re FRIENDS. I’ve lived on this planet for 24 years, six months and 12 days. And that’s one mystery I have yet to solve – why do women refer to their female friends as “girlfriends” rather than just “friends.” One of these days…

  5. Reply TRoyal Sep 19,2004 3:32 pm


    *scribbles furiously*

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