Signs Of The Apocolypse 1

I came home to three signs of the impending apocalypse this evening.

1. I opened my mailbox, and the L.L. Bean Christmas catalog was inside. It’s not even fucking Columbus Day!

2. I got the third identical phone spam recording since my original post about phone spam.

3. I turn on my TV, and my TiVo is recording a suggestion…of The O’Reilly Factor. You’d think that my constant recording of Queer Eye and The L Word and Will & Grace would have prevented that…

Seriously, what the fuck is going on?! If there’s an earthquake tomorrow, I’m totally blaming that on this.

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  1. Reply Laz Sep 15,2004 7:51 am

    Yeah, my TiVo has an unhealthy obsession with recording hunting shows. I keep thumbs-downing them, but there are SO MANY of them, especially on weekend mornings. I wake up, and there are three of them in there! Never fails. I’m thisclose to deleting the Outdoor Life Network from my “channels received” list.

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