I looked back at what I wrote three years ago about what happened, and it’s amazing to me that a week after everything happened, I was able to crystalize my thinking that effectively.

There are many more reasons to be angry about 9/11 now, to me the most pressing of which is how it’s been used to try and justify an extremely divisive war.

My sense of sadness about September 11th has only been deepened by the way the divisions in this country have gotten much, much worse since then.

There were a brief couple of weeks where it felt to me like people were finally going to actually work together and make this world a better place.

There’s something profoundly sad about the way everything related to the 11th has been politicized (by both sides, in my opinion) to the point that nobody can look at it except through partisan lenses anymore.

It’s where the true damage has been done to this country, and it’s where we have to start if we’re ever going to begin truly healing, instead of simply moving on.

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