Scratch That Itch 1

I can’t tell what the hell is going on anymore with these ridiculous bug bites I’m getting.

I keep getting these horrid, hive-like things all over myself, and if I hadn’t had chicken pox when I was three, I’d be concerned I had it now.

Most of the time these itches flare up at the office, but the timing is weird enough that I can’t quite narrow down what’s happening and where, though I’m convinced it’s bugs of one sort or another.

The itching is making me absolutely insane, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why I’m apparently getting bitten by every bug that could potentially bite humans.

All I know is that I’m increasingly covered in itchy red welts and/or scabs, and I really am reaching the end of my rope in terms of how on earth to continue coping with this without losing my mind.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go bathe in calamine lotion.

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  1. Reply Sara Jul 26,2007 4:47 am

    maybe it’s bedbugs. my daughter had the same itchy bites and they showed up after she got to school and i thought it was FROM school…found out it was bed bugs….they are easy to find but hard to get rid of…i hope it’s not….

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