S-M-R-T 2

Tonight’s my first night camping, and there’s a few things I now realize it might have been smart to bring with me:

– Any sort of eating utensil (though a nice group in an RV was kind enough to spot me a spoon)

– Trail mix that doesn’t have loose chocolate and peanut butter chips that melt into soup in the 100 degree heat (I’m now eating it with the aforementioned spoon).

– Bug spray (I somehow managed to bring calamine lotion to treat bug bites, but nothing to actually prevent them).

– A pillow (got one for five bucks at Target in Vegas).

and my personal favorite:

– A sleeping bag (eh, I’ve got a tarp I can just use as a blanket, and it’s hot anyway).

I suppose this is what I get for planning this trip in the most half-assed fashion possible. At this point, I’m almost surprised I managed to bring a tent.

On the plus side, Zion National Park is beautiful, and I’m going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow. So I suppose it all evens out.

2 thoughts on “S-M-R-T

  1. Reply Laz Jun 7,2006 5:58 pm

    You seriously didn’t bring a sleeping bag? Yikes!

    Make sure you hit Cape Royal at the North Rim. Best views by far. Have fun!

  2. Reply Ellen Jun 7,2006 11:26 pm

    Seriously. reached into my trunk to pull it out…and realized it’s still in my closet. I mean really, that takes talent.

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