Rome 2

Once again, a wee “we’re not dead!” post, this time from fantastically fabulous (and fantastically hot) Italy.

We’ve had a long few days, trying to see everything in Venice and Rome, especailly since someone left the humidity in Rome up around Brazillian Rainforest the last couple of days.

But when you can get fucking amazing Gelato for a buck, you kind of stop caring about how hot and tired you are, and enjoy the scenery.

More details to come at some point. For now, back to finding more pizza and pasta than even I can deal with.

2 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Reply Jamie Jun 20,2005 6:56 pm

    Oooo…I hope Italy is treating you so well! I could go for a gelato today. Or a gondola ride. Or an afternoon in Prato della Valle. Or…yeah. Happy trails!

  2. Reply KM Jun 21,2005 11:00 pm

    that’s why most italians go away in the summer and leave it to us crazy tourists ;)

    mmm i miss good gelato.

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