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My dad (who I had expected to freak out and insist I move into a locked tower or something) had a surprisingly calm reaction to the whole drive-by thing (see previous post):

Dad: We have had shootings down the street from us, so I am not too freaked out

Me: well, i’m glad you’re not too upset

Me: i was kind of worried you’d freak out

Dad: I would be if this went on every week, but it can happen on an occasional basis anywhere

Gotta love that the guy who’s paranoid about me getting a roommate dismisses shootings with a been there, done that. He does have common sense…he just shows it at the oddest times.

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  1. Reply Phin Samuels Jun 28,2004 10:30 pm

    Drive bys always freak me out. I have been far too close to them for my own good.

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