Quick Survey 2

At what number of hours of being asleep does it cease to be “sleeping” and become “hibernation”?

I ask because I was fucking exhausted after 8 hours of sleep today. And this after doing nothing all week except going dancing last night. 14 hours seemed to be the magic number today.

I feel like I’ve gone into some sort of weird stasis for the summer. After trying to get a temporary job for the last few weeks and failing miserably, my body has gotten adjusted to the laziness and nocturnal life.

Lord help me if by some miracle, one of the dozens of resumes I’ve peppered this town with comes back and actually gets me some sort of employment. I’d jump at it in a second and work my ass off, but boy, will my internal clock be fucked.

Well, let’s hope I have that problem. Until then, what do you think is the Hibernation Threshhold?

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  1. Reply Patrick Cooper Jun 20,2004 1:13 pm

    More than 8 on a regular basis is hibernation. But that would make a good T-shirt at least:

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