Quack 2

Sorry, Canada.

Yay, Teemu Selane! The man with the second best name in hockey (after Miroslav Satan, who really needs to be traded to the New Jersey Devils) now has his name on the Stanley Cup.

2 thoughts on “Quack

  1. Reply Laz Jun 7,2007 4:56 pm

    Yeah, except you spelled it wrong. It’s Selanne.

    And my favorite’s always been Saku Koivu. Just sounds like a Finnish curse or something.

  2. Reply Ellen Jun 8,2007 12:06 am

    Oops. I’d blame it on the Vicodin, but I wasn’t on the Vicodin when I wrote that.

    Saku Koivu is good, but for my money, you can’t beat Miroslav Satan. If the NHL had any marketing sense, they’d force him to be traded to the Devils and then make a mint selling SATAN jerseys.

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