Planet Kahleefohnia 2

Before my illness got the best of me, I was doing runs all day, and I had one run that reminded me that I clearly live on another planet.

I was dropping off some costumes at a place called Costume Rental Corporation in North Hollywood. Their warehouse is in back of another big warehouse, and you have to drive past the other warehouse to get to CRC.

(Yes yes, snicker about the name, fellow former Communications Residential College residents…)

The other warehouse was unsigned until about mid-december. Then a sign went up advertising that the building was the home of Jill Kelly Productions (link DEFINITELY Not safe for work).

Of course, I didn’t initially recognize Jill Kelly as the name of a prolific porn star, but one of the males in my office did, and thought it was hilarious. And I subsequently giggled every time I drove past.

Today, however, took the cake.

I turned in to go up to CRC, and on a metal fire escape of the JKP warehouse was a woman in a pink nightgown, clearly covering up a very skimpy outfit, smoking a cigarette.

I thought perhaps my virus-addled brain was making things up, but no. I witnessed a porn star’s smoke break.

Just as the writers at the show take a smoke break then go back to creating comedy, so too do porn stars take a smoke break and then go back to…well, fucking.

So far, I think that’s got the lead in my “Southern California is weird” set of stories.

2 thoughts on “Planet Kahleefohnia

  1. Reply Laz Jan 22,2005 6:32 pm


    There’s apparently a strip club (or more?) tucked away near the highway a couple miles from my apartment. Nearby is a shopping center. I’m 90 percent sure a woman I saw at K-Mart the other day was a stripper on break. The temperature was in single-digits, and this woman was wearing a heavy coat over what could most nicely be described as “beach attire.” :)

  2. Reply Mark Jan 23,2005 6:57 am

    Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride.

    Bum ba bum bum ba bum…she’s sexy!

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