Plain Cheese =! Anchovies

So I used to eat a lot of pizza, but as I’ve been trying to lose a large amount of weight, I’ve limited myself to one pizza per five pounds lost.

After a long break because I took so much time off the gym after my surgery, tonight was a pizza night. I was very excited about this, because I looooove pizza, and trying to be disciplined is…well, trying.

I called up Papa John’s to order for pickup as I left physical therapy, since they’re doing a $6.99 large one topping deal on pickup orders. Here is the relevant part of the conversation I had with the guy taking my order:

Him: And what topping would you like on your pizza?
Me: I’ll have half pineapple and half cheese.
Him: Just cheese?
Me: Yeah, plain cheese.

So imagine my surprise after plowing through half my breadsticks and opening the pizza to eat when I found nasty-ass anchovies on half my pizza, the half that was supposed to be plain cheese.

Now I don’t eat seafood at all (food poisoning when I was ten gave me what’s basically a conditioned taste aversion), but even if I were to make an exception, it would not be for oily, salty, gross, horrible anchovies.

I suppose it’s probably better for my continued weight loss that I ended up just trashing that half of the pizza. Still, it’s a bit frustrating to have to throw half a hot, fresh pizza in the dumpster.

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