On Notice 1

The following people, corporate entities, and inanimate objects are hereby on notice:

1. Time Warner Cable. Four hours of pure fiasco, and I still don’t have cable. “It needs to come in from outside” apparently didn’t convey clearly enough the need for drilling, and thus for a signed note from the building manager.

The manager, of course, was elsewhere, so the guys (who were an hour late to begin with and didn’t call to say they were running beind) left.

2. The garage door at my old building. As I was coming into the garage with my last armload of stuff, someone started to try and come in. The door got about a foot off the ground and then crashed with a very loud metallic THUNK.

I’m writing this up via the Swiss Army Phone while sitting in my car, waiting for the super to come over. The length of time it’s taken for him to come over, let alone open the gate, is making him very close to being On Notice.

3. My back and my ankle. Listen kids, you stop fighting with me and I’ll buy you some serious painkillers.

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  1. Reply Rebecca Sep 18,2006 9:37 am

    Time Warner Cable is on our bad list too. Comcast was bad, but at least they gave us free HBO because of our problems. Time Warner sent us an advertisement for discount prices, and when we called to get said discount, they had no idea what we were talking about (among other complaints).

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