Oh, Bionic Woman… 1

What a waste.

The pilot was way better than I’d heard it would be, particularly the excellent fight scenes, and I thought this could turn into a good show. But what false optimism it gave me has quickly been dissolved by the second and third episodes.

I’ve come to agree with the critics: Michelle Ryan is disastrously miscast as the lead. I was hoping the weaknesses she showed in the pilot would go away as she got more comfortable in the role, but they’re still there all the way through the third episode. She makes the character seem obnoxiously wishy-washy, and when you’re supposed to be a superhero, that’s the kiss of death.

Katee Sackhoff is by far the best part of the show as “The First Bionic Woman,” as she refers to herself in the pilot. The way Sackhoff is instantly and totally confident in her role no matter how ridiculous her character’s story becomes only makes Ryan’s miscasting all the more glaring.

I will say, the hysterically funny levels of LESBIAN SUBTEXT! (it’s about that subtle) between the two [Les]Bionic Women are aaaaalmost worth suffering through another episode.

Unfortunately, the show’s not nearly compelling enough to keep watching. I guess I’m just going to have to start getting Battlestar Galactica DVDs from Netflix. Mmmm…Starbuck…

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  1. Reply km Oct 14,2007 2:19 pm

    mmmm battlestar galactica

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