Nothin’ To Do, Nowhere to Go-o…

I need to be employed, like, right now. I’m tired of not doing anything because I have no money. I’m tired of being in my apartment all the freakin’ time.

Because when you go from working all the time and only being in your apartment to fall dead asleep to being there all the time, you notice a few irritating things about your surroundings you didn’t before. And you get very tired of them very quickly.

I’m really tired of my cat acting up because I’m not paying attention to him every second of the day. I love him, but him chewing on my pens and trying to see what’s inside my printer to get my attention is getting old.

I’m tired of my neighbor with The Loudest Alarm Clock In The Known Universe. He’s similar to me, in that he needs a loud alarm clock and hits the snooze repeatedly, but christ, at least mine doesn’t wake the whole goddamn building.

I’m exceptionally tired of Loud Sex Couple Upstairs. They’ve recently managed to keep their voices down so that their screaming doesn’t echo all over the hole in the center of the building, but have acquired some extremely squeaky bedroom furniture.

They seem have positioned it directly above my bed and are using it frequently, which reminds me that, in addition to all the rest of this shit, I’m tired of being single.

But most of all, I’m tired of being unemployed.

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