Not A Fun Afternoon

Well, it started out being a decent day. Then, this afternoon and evening, everything went shitty.

First, I had to do a run that was almost all the way to my house, then come all the way back to the office only to be let go 10 minutes later. Inconvenient and annoying.

Then, when I finally got home, there was a message from this really great interview for a pilot I had last week. “We love you, you were our #1 choice!” Except the voice sounded disappointed…

Because the network indefinitely postponed shooting the pilot. So there is no job to be the #1 choice for. Frustrating and really disappointing, because it had sounded like a great opportunity.

Then, when I went to use my computer, my power cord started sparking. Frightening and irritating, since it could have easily set something on fire, and I had to go to the Apple store to try and get it replaced under the warranty.

So at the Apple store, I find out that the power cord is not covered by the fucking $350 warranty, since it’s allegedly not part of the unit.

A laptop without a power cord is a fucking $3000 paperweight! How is it not part of the unit?! Infuriating and expensive (a new power cord was $80 I don’t have).

I don’t think I want to know how the rest of the evening is going to go.

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