Miscellaneous Etc. 2

I don’t have anything terribly original to say today, so I hereby present a couple of my favorite quotes from the interweb over the last couple of days:

Hello, weather? Satan called. He’s sorry you two fought, but he really wants to patch things up, so you should RETURN TO HELL IMMEDIATELY.

50 Books. And seriously: Word.

Lady in the Water is atrocious. And the man who wrote and directed it is an arrogant prick of the highest order. I have not had a less pleasurable time watching a movie this year. I resent that this film was ever made.

Tim Brayton, in his fucking brilliant review of The Lady in the Water. Someone, please hire this man as your alt-weekly’s film critic.

And I won’t quote them, but I’ll simply furnish you with this link to one of the more amusing Craigslist [fake] job postings I’ve seen in a while, and this link to a stupendously bizarre commercial featuring Whitey Ford and Salvador Dali.

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  1. Reply km Jul 26,2006 4:22 pm

    i also enjoyed the guy who is filling in for ebert’s review of lady in the water, but especially the opening lines:
    “The key to deciphering M. Night Shyamalan’s fractured fairy tale, “Lady in the Water,” is to remember that it is rooted in the mythology of Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report.” It is a warning to Mankind about the dire threat posed by ferocious topiary bears in America today, and a salute to the gigantic, soaring eagle who swoops in to rescue Wet Ladies from pitiless ursine jaws and claws. Colbert oughtta sue.”

  2. Reply Ellen Jul 26,2006 4:45 pm

    Heh, yeah, I enjoyed that quite a bit.

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