May I Direct Your Attention To Your Right… 2

A few changes on the blog link front:

  • Happily, Tim’s Cancer Info Board is no longer being updated since Tim has managed to sucessfully fend off testicular cancer. Yay Tim!
  • CheshireKim’s blog is dead. For now. She’s killed it only to resurrect it once before, so we’ll see how long she holds out. My money’s on about six months.
  • But I could be wrong, since she’s now one of the Ghetto Alums, a group of former CRCers doing a group blog. Or should I say, the second group.
  • Cousin Mark’s blog hasn’t been updated in about six months, and has fallen prey to the “you snooze, you lose” rule of linkage.

That’s about it. Anyone feeling left out or wanting to be removed is welcome to direct their bitching to the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “May I Direct Your Attention To Your Right…

  1. Reply Jack Aug 19,2005 4:15 pm

    ahem. they are at least the third group. You clearly have not been let in that DaveWecslerDoesn’tExist.

  2. Reply Jack Aug 19,2005 4:17 pm

    oh fine… make me dump http:// in front of a perfectly “normal” anchor tag

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