Life Limped Along At Subsonic Speeds 1

Today was not fun. A part of my foot that didn’t hurt before started to hurt like a motherfucker, and it’s a part that the brace that I wear puts a lot of pressure on.

Consequently, I was in pain and thus distracted and all in all pretty much about as useful as a potted plant all day. The clock just wouldn’t fucking move, either.

And you know what’s worse, by far, than all of that shit? I now have that FUCKING STUPID BAD DAY SONG stuck in my head.

Someone needs to invent a way to unhear songs. It’s a very catchy song in the absolute worst way possible. And I cannot. Make it. Stop.

I even tried the one song that usually dislodges anything stuck in my head: The Presidents of the United States of America’s “Lump.”

The idea is to replace the catchy, annoying song with a catchy, good song. But the FUCKING AWFUL SONG will not budge. And yes, it’s so bad, it necessitates caps lock.

Please, someone, make it stop.

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  1. Reply Cameron Jun 22,2006 3:51 pm

    i think you are the first person i’ve heard in like 7 years to quote the Presidents of the United States of America. kudos.

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