Lesbian Swans Attack Boston 3

Whoops!: Swan Pair In Boston Turns Out To Be All Female

And, of course, since this is in Massachussets, the center of the Gay Marriage Controversy, nobody can leave a silly story like this alone:

”I think this proves that there’s something in the environment in Massachusetts,” Brian Camenker, director of the Article 8 Alliance, a Waltham-based organization fighting same-sex marriage, joked in a telephone interview. ”Maybe it’s the water that’s causing all this lunacy.”


Marty Rouse, campaign director of MassEquality, said in a telephone interview: ”We should still cherish and love our swans, no matter whom they choose to swim with.”

Good grief, people are dumb.

Also, the name of the author of this story rings a major bell…am I correct that some of y’all know Donovan Slack?

3 thoughts on “Lesbian Swans Attack Boston

  1. Reply mrs. e. Aug 15,2005 5:52 am

    holy shitballs! it’s the attack of the lesbian swans!

    (god, that’s a bad movie waiting to happen…)

  2. Reply Casey Aug 15,2005 6:32 am

    Donovan kicked ass and took names, usually in that order, as a reporter for The Daily’s city desk while I was editor. She has a really interesting story, as she didn’t get to college until she was (I think) 32. But she had more natural ability than almost anyone I knew at Northwestern, and so I was hardly surprised that she landed a plum gig at the BoGlo right out of school.

    Anyway, I loved the lesbiswans story, and sent her an e-mail congratulating her. It’s just a good mix of funny and poignant.

  3. Reply Tara Aug 16,2005 7:13 pm

    You should have seen the online message boards the Globe set up for comments about the swans – it was hilarious. Actually, here’s the link: http://boards.boston.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&tsn=1&tid=955&webtag=bc-news

    I think people are just having a good time with it.

    Donovan has a major front-page story here at least once a week – and it’s usually the most interesting one.

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