Just For You, Laz 6

After finding a workaround, Haloscan commenting is back. Begone, obnoxious Blogger commenting process!

ETA: I also jury-rigged the hover command so it at least looks normal in Safari! Woo!

6 thoughts on “Just For You, Laz

  1. Reply Laz Jun 30,2004 8:21 pm


    -Laz (wait! I don’t have to do that anymore! Whining rules!)

  2. Reply Ellen Jun 30,2004 11:17 pm

    Laz, in return, you must promise me that you will get the fuck out of Pennsylvania. Move to Timbuktu if you have to, but get. OUT. Sometimes a change of pace is all you need to kick-start your ass.

    You have six months. If you’re not out of PA by the end of the year, I’m sending the Governator to kick your ass.

  3. Reply Kim Jul 1,2004 3:05 am

    Go Ellen Go! Woo Ellen!

  4. Reply Laz Jul 1,2004 5:48 am

    Yes, ma’am!

    (aaah! pressure!)

  5. Reply Mark Jul 1,2004 2:56 pm

    Oh, yeah, good old Mark not Laz Mark back. As if you’d ever confuse us!

    Wait, so he gets shit for living in PA and I get off easy for living in DC??? What’s going on here?

  6. Reply Ellen Jul 1,2004 10:28 pm

    I give you enough shit by phone about living in D.C. Also, you haven’t been repeatedly complaining that you hate it and want to move…yet.

    You will. Trust me. And then I’ll tell you the same thing.

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