It’s Hot In Los Angeles

“How hot is it?”, I imagine you all asking in unison. It is this hot:

That is a can of Diet 7up that overheated so badly in my car that the top literally blew right off. Sadly, the picture doesn’t do justice to the magnitude of how ridiculous it looks in person.

I bought a couple cases of Diet 7up at the grocery store this weekend, and had left them in the car since I couldn’t get them in my first load.

I’d decided to leave them Sunday, but of course, I almost completely forgot they were still in the car, and they sat until today.

And then, I was driving this afternoon, and I heard a very loud POP! behind me, like something on my car had blown a very large fuse. I turned around and looked for smoke.

Instead, I saw nothing. I was at a stoplight, so I couldn’t just get out and look. And then, the smell filled the car: Diet 7up. And I thought, “Oh…oops!”

When I got to my destination, I popped my trunk open, and saw this:

Apparently, since I haven’t been doing much daytime driving this week, I hadn’t noticed that almost every single can in both cases of Diet 7up has exploded in one way or another.

At least ten of the cans had the lid blown off like the one at the top of the page. At least half a dozen more were empty, but with very small holes that the 7up has been slowly escaping from over the last 4 days.

The cans had expanded so much that the cardboard box holding them had torn in half. Awesome.

I couldn’t find the main body of stickiness from the dried 7up, but lord knows, it’s gotta be there somewhere. I believe I will be spending my weekend getting my car’s interior shampooed.

I brought one of the lid-blown-off cans back to the office, and it’s now part of a co-worker’s display of Weird Random Shit. Another will be taking up permanent residence in my home collection.

And I will definitely not be leaving soda in my car for a week in blisteringly hot weather again.

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