It Couldn’t Be… 1

I love when you see someone that you think looks exactly like someone you once knew, but you’re in too weird a situation to walk up to them and be like “Your name wouldn’t happen to be…?”

Case in point: It’s Gay Pride weekend here in LA, so I got off my fat butt and went to tha club. I was dancing with myself (oh-oh-oh-oh) since the dumbasses I was supposed to meet up with never called me back.

I look up, and I see this girl. She looks exactly like this girl I went to summer camp with oh so many years ago (well, except older and taller), and she’s dancing with someone I assume is her girlfriend. I’m like naaaaah…couldn’t be.

I see her later and I realize the resemblence is uncanny. But because it’s a) a random gay bar and b) unbelievably fucking loud, I can’t just go up and ask if it’s her. Drove me to distraction for much of the night.

So, of course, being a gigantic nerd, when I get home, I do a little research. Turns out the person I thought it might be lives in LA…and has “blow jobs” listed as a hobby (twice) on Friendster.

Yeah, it probably wasn’t her.

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  1. Reply Nate Pence Jun 22,2004 1:10 am

    Maybe she was trying to be ironic:
    “It’s like bloooooow jooooobs… when you’re actually gay!”

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