In One Piece

I did make it to San Francisco in one piece – lots and lots of unpacking and a whole hell of a lot of walking have ensued – it’s kind of insane how much easier it is to walk around SF than it is around LA.

As an example, here’s a few photos from my walk today, from my apartment to Coit Tower to Pier 39 to Ghiradelli Square (I did break down and take Muni back, though – 5.5 miles plus 432 stairs up to Coit Tower is a LOT). Slideshow below, flickr link for those who hate flash.

Get the flash player here:

Really enjoying things here so far – I feel like I’m moving in the right direction towards gainful employment, and starting to feel a teensy bit less like a tourist. But not enough like I live here to think going to climb Coit Tower is a dumb idea.


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