I’m Moving To Montana 1

My Governator may be able to beat up their Governor, but their Governor is much, much cooler:

BUTTE – Gov. Brian Schweitzer hand-delivered a new liquor license to the owner of the landmark M&M Cigar Store on Thursday, and used bolt cutters to snip the chain that has held the saloon’s doors shut for nearly two years.

“It’s great to have it open again,” Schweitzer said after throwing back a shot of scotch. “May she never close.”

Man, this guy rules. He should be president. I’m sure someone will find all sorts of evil things that he’s done, but please, don’t ruin my fun for at least a couple hours.

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  1. Reply Mark Mar 15,2005 2:51 pm

    Not all Mountain West states are created equal. Now you know why my brother never wanted to leave.

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