If I Were More Mechanically Inclined… 1

I’d spend my vast amount of free time making flamethrowers out of PVC pipe instead of redesigning parts of my website.

The site will take a while to load because there are a lot of pictures, but it’s entirely worth it to see what the power of geekiness and spare time (and I doubt it’s much of a stretch to add: drugs) can do.

As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll eventually find some of the guy who actually built this thing. Take one look at him and tell me he’s not exactly the type of person you could picture doing this if you just saw him on the street.

Stolen from Gizmodo

One comment on “If I Were More Mechanically Inclined…

  1. Reply Mark Jul 1,2004 2:57 pm

    Instead, you can spend your time shitting out sugar songs for Kelly Clarkson to sing.

    Oh, yeah, another 4:30 am posting.

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