Ice Ice Baby

When I was looking for an apartment, I was super-excited when I found mine. The main thing it was missing was a hookup for the icemaker in my fridge.

This is a ridiculous convenience, but one I’d gotten very, very used to. The ability to have a giant pile of ice just sitting there, awaiting my next drink? Quality.

I asked, if I get the kit for it to be installed, could you guys install it? “Sure, no problem!” was the answer I received from the building manager and her bosses at the leasing company.

As the weeks went by and the leaves…well, here in SoCal, they don’t fall. They just turn sort of a dark green color and look tired.

Anyway, a considerable amount of time passed, and after an enormous amount of hectoring from both the building manager (who’s been a fucking saint about all this) and myself, guys finally came and hooked up my icemaker earlier this week.

I’m so very excited. Just in time for my Oscar party, too. Martinis for all!

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