I Think I’m Gonna Need A Bigger Belt 3

My pants are evidence of technology run amok.

I’ve always had a tendency to carry an unnecessarily large amount of crap around with me, but technology has done its part to make that crap both more plentiful and heavier.

With my recent purchase of an iPod and return to work, I’ve brought the amount of crap I carry around to a dangerous level. And I don’t even wear cargo pants.

I now carry with me, on a daily basis:

  • my own personal cellphone (useless cameraphone type)
  • my Nextel for work (same size as a cellphone)
  • my PDA
  • my iPod
  • my large wad of keys
  • my wallet
  • my multipurpose tool which I refer to as my Instrument of Death

I don’t have a scale sensitive enough to weight all this crap, but it’s gotta be at least five or six pounds’ worth.

The only one that I’m even thinking about getting rid of is the PDA, but it’s one of those things that’s at least intermittently useful to have with me at all times.

What I wish I could afford (and DEFINITELY can’t now that I finally dropped the money I had been saving on the iPod) was this cell/PDA combo. But since I just got a new cell in April, I wouldn’t even be able to get the crappy discount Sprint offers anyway.

I flat-out refuse to get a purse. I just will not do it, not only because it would make me look unbelievably stupid, but because it’s a pain in the ass to remember to haul around with you all the time.

I don’t even want to carry this stuff in the messenger bag I bring with me to work, beacuse I’m so used to actually having it on me. I have co-workers who wear pants with no pockets and I look at them like they’re aliens.

So for now I’m wandering around, the contents of my jeans and the forces of gravity fighting a constant battle with my belt and belt loops.

God help me if the belt ever gives out.

3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Gonna Need A Bigger Belt

  1. Reply sharonmelissa Aug 5,2004 10:24 pm


    these are hot! and have lots of pockets…. i dunno if you would want to wear one however.

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 6,2004 4:22 am

    I think that comes a little too close to being a skirt for me to wear it.

  3. Reply sharonmelissa Aug 6,2004 7:09 pm

    yup..that’s what i was thinking… but a utilikilt is definitely more dyker than a skirt

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