I Love This Schadenfreude 4

I don’t watch much basketball, but at the risk of incurring the wrath of much of the rest of the City of Los Angeles, I was very happy to see the Detroit Pistons make the Lakers their punk-ass bitches in the NBA FInals.

I have some obnoxious neighbors. Said neighbors are huge Laker fans, because every time the Lakers won, there was a lot of very loud celebrating in their apartment.

This isn’t a problem in and of itself. Their shitty attempts at learning the bass (plugged in) at 3am, their love of death metal around the same hour, their tendency to strew broken beer bottles about the building, and their just general assiness is the problem.

If nothing else, the Lakers losing has rendered these obnoxious dickheads utterly silent this evening.

Of course there’s also the Karl Malone factor (desert your careerlong team and city that loves you looking for championship ring, get to finals only to have new team collapse like a flan in a cupboard). I’m not too sorry that blew up in his face.

Really, about 95% of Laker fans are either a) bandwagon-jumpers or b) Jack Nicholson. The latter still gives me residual willies from The Shining, so he gets a pass on this.

I do know a few decent Laker fans, and for them, I’m sorry, since they’ve tossed their fandom lot in with a team with such a fickle (and overwhelmingly asshatted) following.

Otherwise, my heartfelt congratulations to the Detroit Pistons. You shut up my obnoxious bastard neighbors. Even the LAPD can’t do that.

4 thoughts on “I Love This Schadenfreude

  1. Reply Laz Jun 16,2004 10:07 pm

    Huzzah for using of one of my all-time favorite words! Schadenfreude – just a perfect word.

  2. Reply Kim Jun 16,2004 10:15 pm

    Oooh, I just learned a new word. And shall strive to use it effectively asap.

  3. Reply Kel Jun 17,2004 12:56 am

    Said word is also the name of a comedy troupe in Chicago, who perform on Chicago Public Radio and onstage on Friday nights in Lakeview. Knowing how to spell it would have helped me tremendously a few weeks ago when I wanted to go see them!

  4. Reply Ellen Jun 17,2004 12:10 pm

    I’m glad my insomina-induced verbiosity has caused amusement AND learning.

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