I Am Turning Into My Mother

I love my mom, but one of her odder habits is that she hums Christmas carols. Like, 365 days a year. And not even the whole tune, but one phrase, over and over and over again (specifically the title phrase of “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland”).

I’m not even sure she’s aware she’s doing it, and this is where my troubles come in.

I’m up to my eyeballs in Christmas crap for work (*cough* back at 9pm tuesdays after baseball! *cough*) right now, and it is seeping into every corner of my brain.

While finally cleaning out my overflowing inbox, I started singing to myself. And it was only when I got an entire verse in, I realized what I was singing.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
Just like the ones I used to know
Where those treetops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow…

And then I put my head down on my desk and said softly, “Oh dear god, it’s starting.”

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