I Am Such A Lesbian

Moving brings out the big old butch lesbian in me. I mean, not that she had far to come, but for just two examples:

Spackle. I bought spackle. I love spackle. I love the word spackle. I love saying and typing the word spackle. Spackle spackle spackle.

I even love spackling all the holes I’ve placed in the wall, which there are WAY more of than I realized. I guess that’s what framing all your posters and hanging both your guitars and your TV on the wall will do.

Power tools. I get to use my drill to take everything down! With all the spackling I have to do, I now have a legit excuse to buy a power sander! A small one, but still! Power sanding!

It’s a good thing I already packed all my flannel away, or I’d really be a hideous stereotype. At this rate, the haircut I so desperately need will be a mullet.

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