I Am A Goddess Of Car Stereo Installation 1

It only took two bike rides (to a hardware store for a wee tiny screwdriver and to a music shop for a mini to RCA patch cord) and two calls to Crutchfield (one to figure out how to get my car into low gear when it’s not running so I could get the stereo out without hitting the gearshift, and one to figure out that I needed said mini to RCA patch cord).

But it is done: I have successfully installed a car stereo! I am rather surprised that I was able to do this, but quite happy that I managed to.

As promised, pictures. First, the “before” of the giant mess of my car before this started:

And then the “during” photo, when I realized, oh shit, I’m actually going to try and do this:

And finally, the fruit of my labors, and the proof that it works. The “after” picture:

Hooray! And it took under four hours (not counting my bike rides), which was my goal. I’m going to go reward myself with a beer.

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  1. Reply TRoyal May 14,2006 5:21 pm

    Rock ON.

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